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The Bat! Professional Edition Multilang + Crack

The Bat! Professional Edition Multilang + Crack / Кряк + Kolobok Smilies for TheBat!


[-] Again some fixes in time zone handling to make loading of large folders on XP faster, but the bug "Incorrect time is displayed for messages received in daylight saving time when it is standard time and vice versa" may come back
[+] Clear All tags filter action
[-] IMAP. In some rare cases connection can hang (most probably after APPENDing big message)
[-] View Mode option "Expand All Threads" could be ignored during changing threading or switching between View Modes
[-] Temporary files were not deleted after auto-save in the message editor
[*] "Paste as plain text" was added to popup in the Edit Mail Message Form
[-] Deletion of common folders might sometimes give an Access Violation error
[-] Large folders did open slowly on Windows XP since 5.0.36

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by voron
23 Jun 2012, 02:01
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